How Can You Remove A Broken Fused Spark Plug?


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Hi. The cast iron or aluminum head casting has to be removed from the top of the engine and a mechanic has to drill and retap the threads for a new spark plug to be able to work properly and keep / hold the compession in the cylinder chamber.. This is a horrific problem as it will cost possibly up to $1000 dollars or more just to bring it back to the same running state as it's last run time.. If the car is old contemplate trading it in / junking it / or doing this painstakingly frustrating work.. For as to drill and tap the hole in place will result in countless tiny steel / aluminum filings falling into the cylinder chamber on top of the piston of the spark plug chamber you are dealing with and when you restart the engine all of those tiny filings will cling to the walls of the inner cylinder and when the piston goes up and down it will score the walls with gouges and start to let all the oil slip by the piston rings and there will be loss of compression and run horrible!! There is no way to vaccuum out all of the filings either because all it takes is a granual size piece of steel to ruin this clean running environment inside the cylinder even if you greased the drill bill and tap set flutes with grease to capture most all of the steel filings as you drill + tap... Also vacuuming out some of those gasoline vapors could cause your vacuum to explode!!! Man does that friggon stink as I know what it's like bro- .. I hope this helps in someway get you to a greater good or better vehicle where you eventually laugh over the stink of these problems that entered your circumstances... By the way to prevent these tragedies to ever happen in the first place a person can attempt to prevent it by applying a coat of ANTISEIZE high temp grease to the threads of the spark plug that you can buy at a local parts store for around $3 dollars for a tube of antiseize grease.. Good luck..

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