How Many Windows Do You Have?


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emma danish Profile
emma danish answered
Yep that is a lot of windows indeed we have 1 patio window/door,and 3 other large windows as we live in a flat not too many,in the middle of looking for a larger house now though
Lee Profile
Lee answered
We have 10 in the house and three in the garage.
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
There's 10 in the house... ALL really wide, 1 in the 4-wheeler shop and 3 in my studio.. Will be 4 after we get the addition on the studio... 
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
We have 11 windos, but 12 if you count the window we closed off when we redid the bathroom. If you go to my homepage and click on bathroom before you will see the horrible window, and if you click on bathroom after you will see what we did to the window.
SuperFly Original Profile

well atm im on windows  10.1 its better then

lol just kidding

Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
We have 16 windows not counting the garage, and the husband says they count as 1 if they are together, so then he says 10, still not counting the garage.

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