How Do You Get Rid Of Lice In Your Carpet; It Has Been Sprayed And Shampooed; Are The Lice Still In The Carpet. Whole House And Family Has Been Previously Treated, But The Lice Have Returned For A Third Time.?


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You have to keep at it
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Try sprinkling borax (laundry section of Walmart) on the rugs it will slice through their bodies & dry them up, same with fleas,ants and so on. We sprinkle it where we see ants and on window sills & under radiators.
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Mel 173 How long are we to leave the borax in the carpet.
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Havapup how long should I leave the borax in the rugs before removal.
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Leave on for 2-3 hours, some people use a broom to really work it into the carpet. Keep animals out if you can until you vacuum, just as a common sense precaution
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Maybe it is not lice, have you got a dog/cat in your house. If so, then go to the Pet shop and ask what can be done about it.
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It really takes a long time to get rid of the eggs, and the nits, it might really take several treatments, and several washings to make sure they are all gone. Perhaps you should call either your doctor about this, or an exterminator, they might be able to help you out too. Good luck to you.

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