I need some advice. I live in texas and its been raining and all of a sudden my pets have fleas and i have found fleas on me and my husband. How do i get rid of them?


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You need some flea medication for the pets, some of this for the carpets: It's all natural.

Some of this to sprinkle around the yard:

The Diatomaceous Earth works great and is safe for humans and pets.

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last year i had to double up on my cats flea control drops due to rain here in texas. I live south of houston if you have a yard u have to treat it with dursban or something and put the flea drops on the back and neck of your dog or cat

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Ivory soap kills fleas, the clear kind that is if you have dogs but if they're all over your house you need to vacuum the floors even the mattress.  Heartworm medicine which I assume your pets are on can include flea killer depending on which brand you buy.  Adams flea spray will kill them instantly but you need to spray the yard and the house inside and out.  I live in Texas and our pets are on the heartworm medication that kills fleas within 30 minutes but it's possible you're bringing them inside on your shoes or pant legs.  You need to have an all out blitz doing the things I've mentioned but only use one type of flea killer on your pets or you could make them really sick.

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