When Im Sleeping Fleas Jump On Me And Bite Me. How Do I Get Them Out Of My Bed?


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Hanery Kroze answered

An adult flea will live only about a week without blood from its host.Dust the carpet, the furniture, the bed, the dog or cat's bed. It's best to do this when you're leaving your house for a good while, say 24 hours. For long term treatment, pest exterminator can help you to get rid of fleas from your home..

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You are going to have to strip the sheets, put them on HIGH heat in the dryer for a while. Then wash in HOT water w/ a little extra detergent. Empty the dryer lint filter into a plastic baggie. Then throw outside in the trash to eliminate those fleas from laying more eggs.
Dry the sheets as usual when done washing. You will also have to vacuum the heck out of your bed. Mattress, box springs, etc.
  If you have pets that are causing the flea problem you should also treat them & clean their bedding in the same manner.
  You can go to & order all sorts of flea treatments. I usually order the pills for my dogs. Follow the directions for the pills. Also use a good flea shampoo according to directions. I would never use any products from "Hartz' though...nearly killed my dog w/ their flea shampoo & powder.

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