What Is A Hiraniwa Garden?


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The Hiraniwa style of Japanese garden is also referred to as a flat garden. This is because it makes use of flat shapes and spaces to create a perfect area for contemplation. It is typically a Zen style of gardening, and there is often an element on any Japanese landscape garden.

My courtyard in front of a building or temple will always be in this style. This is because simplicity is required to reach enlightenment and it also enables the area to function as a space for ceremonies. The garden is usually made out of gravel paths and simple green shrubs that allow the visitor to appreciate the simple design of nature.

There are often circular patterns which represent the circle of life and also happiness and wholeness. This is the most true to original design. The gardens from the 6th century were very minimalist like this, encouraging people to enjoy what they have though experiencing a lack of it in sparse surroundings.

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