What Is A Seki Tei Garden?


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The term Seki Tei refers to a style of Japanese landscape garden design. This is a very sparse garden that is enclosed by a fence and can only be entered by a single gate. As with all Japanese gardens the layout and contents are steeped in religion and aesthetics. This type of design is meant to symbolise the importance of balance in nature.

Its function is to help restore this balance in the visitor's life. The main components of the Seki Tei garden are sand and stone. Stones are considered a grounding force, and the positioning of stones is linked to the initial design process, with everything else positioned in accordance with this rooting element.

The fence removes the garden from the rest of the world to aid contemplation, and the gate is to symbolise leaving cares outside of the garden and also the preparation for returning to the real world once balance has been restored. The act of entering the garden highlights the importance of being at one with nature. This type of garden also highlights the importance of solitude as a factor in everyday life.

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