What is the importance of gardening?


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Many don't, but I love gardening - and particularly organic gardening which I recommend.

There are the obvious benefits such as better tasting fruit and vegetables with higher nutritional and mineral content than shop bought produce. 

There is also the benefit of being able to eat food in season. Additionally by eating and growing your own food you are significantly reducing air miles and the transactional costs associated with modern food chains. This also has the benefit that you are (in theory) contributing towards less energy being used and less vehicles on the road.

There are many other benefits too - I love to garden with my children. It gets them outside into the fresh air. I can teach them important things such as how plants grow, the delicate balance of an eco-system and I can teach them the value of natural balance.

It's also really nice, in today's society of air conditioned offices and false strip lighting to teach children to experience the passing of the seasons - I love collecting leaves with my kids in autumn and discovering all the worms and beetles in spring, and watching the birds nest and hatch. 

There is a lot of research that demonstrates if children have a greater involvement in where their food comes from, they are less likely to encounter issues such as obesity and food related illnesses as they get older.

Gardening is also a great way to stay fit and in shape. A few hours of digging, carting compost around and hoeing is a decent work out.

And lastly gardening is important because it helps to preserve important insect populations (such as bees), maintains and improves soil structure and provides a haven for all sorts of wildlife.

There are so many horrific stories about whole communities of bees being wiped out by modern agricultural practices and pesticides - this is worrying because we rely on bees as our pollinators for many other staple crops and foods.

In addition the recent proliferation / trend in concreting drives is reportedly leading to increased risk of flooding in our cities. Whereas before gardens, grass and soil would act as a natural sump for rainfall, modern concrete drives tend to contribute towards increase run-off which in turn puts stress on our sewer systems and can result in flooding.

There are SO many reasons why gardening is important. These are just a few of them

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That's such a great answer - thanks!

I too love gardening, having inherited a love for plants from my grandmother but - although I seem to be able to grow roses etc really easily - it was another story when I tried my hand at growing vegetables last year.

I became determined to do it, after reading Helen Dunmore's "The Siege", which novelises the true story of how the residents of Stalingrad faced starvation, when unable to get to crops growing relatively close by, but outside the city's boundaries.

It was such a powerful and shocking historical event that it made me feel that, as a city-dweller myself, I didn't ever want to be totally dependent on long-range deliveries to my local supermarket, or on foods imported from other countries.

However, having a very tiny garden, with poor soil, and subject to inner-city pollution, meant that most of my crops (all lovingly and successfully grown from seed) didn't make it to fruition. I also overlooked what pigeons and other birds would do to them!
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Lovely answer it sounds like you make a great dad and husband
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Gardening is important for many reasons such as;
1) Knowing how to grow vegetables can save you money.
2) The edibles(fruit,veggies,herbs,etc) taste better than anything you can buy.
3) The edibles are better for you too.
4) Proper gardening increases the value of your home.
5) The healthy habits of gardening can carry over to other facets of your life.

I like gardening just for the knowledge that I can give my family things I made.
Happy Gardening,
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It becomes necessary to plant trees and shrubs to
maintain the balance in the environment due to climatic changes & ecological imbalance.

I like gardening so much.

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Gardening is good for health,  heavy gardening is not only helpful in weight maintenance but also in reducing the risk of heart disease and other life threatening diseases.

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Gardening is very important! I have been doing this all my life. When I was little, my grandparents often took me to their country house, behind which was a beautiful garden. I helped my grandparents, if necessary. It was very interesting for me! This love of gardening extends from childhood to the present.
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