What Does Broccoli Look Like In A Garden?


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Not particularly good if you are referring to Albert R. Broccoli, as the famous film producer (most notably he produced several classic instalments of the James Bond franchise) past away in 1996 (June 27th).
But if you are referring to a hardy variety of cauliflower, a variety of which the purple or green floret buds, and their stalks, are eaten as a vegetable then they look like they do in your local greengrocer or supermarket. Except they are surrounded by tall broad leaves with the floret residing protected in the center of the plant.
Broccoli is a resilient vegetable that is high in vitamins A and D and can be grown over winter, though can struggle in high summer. You can get two crops per year (spring and fall) growing in most parts of the country.
Remember that you don't want the leaves but the floret and its stem. It is time to cut your first 'spear' or flower shoot when they are soundly formed but before the tiny flower buds have opened. It they have flowered you'll have some pretty bland broccoli on your hands.
Producing side shoots which will keep on appearing after you've cut the main central spear off your broccoli is relatively simple. As these side shoots grow (10-15cm or if you prefer imperial 4-6" long), pick them regularly. You can do this for up to six weeks but if they flower, shoot production will stop swiftly.
If you want to see someone's attempt at growing broccoli in a garden (and a rather snazzy website I must say) then click here (
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Broccoli is basically the flower of the plant. The leaves that you have seen are its leaves. It would bloom in a few days to give you edible Broccoli.
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Anonymous answered've planted late in the season. Then you just might end up with a pretty big green plant that doesn't do anything but grow more leaves for you. Good luck!

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