Which Side Of The Backerboard Goes Toward The Floor The Smooth Side Or The Rough Side. What Is The Difference Between Matic And Mortor?


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You only need to lay backerboard or cementboard on surfaces where water will be present. Such as counter tops, bathroom walls and shower stalls. If you needed to lay cement board, the smooth side faces down.
Mastic is a smooth textured tile adhesive that is generally used on walls or countertops. Mortar mix is a stronger adhesive that is used on floors.
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If you use Hardibacker cement board or a similar brand, you can put the grid or rough side against the wall and then tile part way up the wall and paint the rest. This can be a lot easier than putting cement board on the lower part of the wall and then sheetrock higher on the wall, especially if you haven't tiled a lot and are unsure of the exact height where you'll want to paint. :)

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