How Do I Grow A Camomile Lawn?


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Not to be confused with the herb plant that is used for tea, a camomile lawn can be planted in a small area which receives little traffic. It is a perfect compliment to bright flowers. It is also easier to maintain than typical lawn grasses because it doesn't need as much water. It grows slowly and will require little or no mowing. There are many different varieties of chamomile, but most have small flowers that are yellow or white and fragrant leaves.

To plant a camomile lawn, start with 'flats,' or square-cut specimens of the plant, which can be obtained from a nursery. To prepare the bed, remove the existing plants and loosen the soil. Then spread a 3 to 4 inch layer of compost over the bed and mix it in to the soil. A final rake over the bed will level the ground. Watering the bed at this stage will allow the soil to develop the moisture needed to nourish the plants.

To plant the camomile, cut sections from the flats to make plugs that are about 2 inches square. A suggestion is to plant the plugs in the bed about 6 to 12 inches apart. Planting them closer together, however, will cause the bed to grow in more quickly.

Keep the bed watered so that is just moist in the early days. After the chamomile is established, it won't need much watering or maintenance. Chamomile is a hardy, attractive and fragrant plant. It serves as a great 'filler,' allowing you to focus on looking after your flowers.
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I just stick the plants in the ground and they grow beautifully.  The deer don't like it either.  It makes a beautiful plant for stabilizing a hillside also.  I plant it around other plants to keep the deer away.

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