I Have Grubs In My Lawn And Want To Know If I Should Wait Until Spring To Treat My Lawn Or Do It Now In The Fall?


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Dawn S Humphrey answered
Grubs in our experience usually mean there is rotting wood nearby, which they feed on. Moles feed on them, so if you also have a mole problem, check for rotting wood, hopefully NOT your home!
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Are these grubs damaging your lawn? If not, may I suggest that you leave them alone, so that they can perform their normal function of providing food for all sorts of other creatures, with just a few surviving to adulthood?
Over enthusiastic use of pesticides is a significant factor in the decline of bird species which rely on the insects to feed themselves and their young.
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david anderson answered
The grubs are hard to kill at any time of the year with the traditional insecticides. The grubs do the most damage August through October when they are feeding and growing. Less damage is done at other times of the year.
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Grubs refer to a kind of beetle larvae which are normally found in Gardens. They usually feed on the roots of turf and grass and are harmful for the greenery of the lawn and the plants. There are a number of organic methods for getting rid of Grubs. The best time for their treatment is in July, August and September. Here is a website that provides details on how to get rid of grubs.

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