What Kind Of Oil Do I Put In My Lawn Mower?


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It is recommended to invest in the right kind of oil for your lawnmower. You can check with the dealer from where you brought the lawnmower about the right kind of oil that will do justice to your machine. Else, you can also check the manual which came with the lawnmower.

Just before replacing the oil, you should clean off any dirt or dust that settles on the top part of the oil tank with the help of an old toothbrush. The plug on the underside of the machine should be unplugged to drain out the old oil.  Your manual will list the procedure in which you should replace or fill the oil in your lawnmower. Briggs and Stratton is a company which specializes in making quality lawn mower and lawn mower oils. You can go to / for more information.
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Gasoline you can get it at the gas station.

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