My Laminate Floor Had Orange Glo Hardwood Cleaner Used On It. Scratches Still Showed. A Hardwood Refinisher Was Used. Results Were Cloudy And Streaky. Floor Turned Out To Be Laminate Not Wood. Murphy Laminate Cleaner Followed. Can You Help?


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Laminate floors are a beautiful edition to homes and really can add comfort as well as adding value and looking the part in a house.
There are many things that can go wrong with a laminate floor and this problem is one of many, though is not extremely serious.
Leaving water on the floor is probably more serious than using the wrong floor cleaner.
You will need to follow some steps to clean the floor and bring back the initial shine. The first thing to do is to sweep the floor with a dustpan and ensure there is no excess dirt on it.
Then you will need to mix a solution of 32 ounces of water and a quarter of a cup of vinegar. You should place this inside a bottle and mark it as floor cleaner in case you mix it up with anything else. Use the vinegar solution on the floor, the part you need cleaning will need to be particularly sprayed. Then take a microfiber mop and work the area back and over a three feet square area until the whole floor has been mopped.
Repeatedly do this until the cloud has been removed from the floor. Repeat as many times as necessary and then you should have a clean floor.
Make sure to do this once a week and then you can be assured your floors will stay sparkling.
This is probably the best way to ensure you lift the cloudy appearance from your floor and make sure it is nice and clean. The acid in the vinegar will cut through the residue and leave the floor spotless and sparkling clean.
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I have laminate wood floors. I used the awful Orange Glo for a year, curse you Orange Glo.
I noticed scratches will a cloudy film. About 80% of my floors in my home are the laminate wood floors. I tried it all the laminate and water, windex and water, ammonia and water, mineral spirts, murphy oil. After countless hours on my knees with very little progress. The only thing that work for me is the Goof off 2 it is a water base and it takes up crayon.(Don't get the Goof off, it must be the Goof Off 2, there is a difference.) I found it at Home Depot. Crayon is made of wax. So I figure it would work to take the Orange Glo off. It works!!!! You still have to get on your knees and you will still have to put some work into it. But it will peel away. I hope it works for you. First, test in a spot that is not noticable to make sure it will work on your floors and not damage them.
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 This doesn't sound good at all.
Was there polyurethane in the floor refinisher? If so, it would not be an option to remove it.
If not, you could try scrubbing it with a mixture of water and vinegar. That might take the cloudy, streaks out of it. Then apply a laminate floor refinsher.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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Not to worry the answer is so simple ! The same thing happened to me and for 2 years I've tried everything in desperation ~~ Different cleansers ,refinishers even buffing but the cloudiness remained . I started shopping for a whole new floor when a small flooring store owner told me to get a Dobie non abrasive pad sold in most supermarkets for under $2 and with moderate pressure go back and forth following the length of the boards (one direction ) the pad should just be damp with water Well like magic the cloudiness is GONE . Now this takes awhile and some elbow grease but it does the job Try a small patch first and I used the pink Dobie pad .I don't know if some are more abrasive than others . This is such a simple inexpensive any body can do solution I wish everyone could know
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Use Lamanator Plus system on your floor and you will have a new floor . Orange Glo is garbage .

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