How Can I Remove Stains From Cotton T-shirts?


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Remove stains on cotton white shirt and green cotton pant by home remedies
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I boiled my white-tee shirt and a dark colour was there and I have now got a blue tee shirt how can I make it white again
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There is a product on the market now called Spray 'n Wash Oxi Stain Dual Power. It is a 2-part liquid that you apply directly to the stain. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO SIT ON THE GARMENT unless it is a white t-shirt, because it will remove the colour if left on coloured items. If this doesn't remove the stain, it's pretty hopeless. I use it for everything, and I love it.
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Try using 'Greased Lighting' spray on stains prior to washing and some stubborn stains such as blood will come out using Hydrogen Peroxide straight from the bottle. I do the laundry and have had great luck using these products.
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This is very simple solution for removing of stains form black and red cotton T-shirts.

You need first of all some water one tub and some salts. The salts and water put in a tub. Now mix the salts in water. After mixing the salts in water now you put down the t-shirts in tub. After some time you pull out the t-shirt from tub. And now you rub the t-shirt with hand form some time.

Once again you put down the t-shirt in the salts mix water for some time. And try this formula for three times. After using these formula now you need some water with mix salts (simple water). You put down t-shirt in the water for two are three times. After this formula using now sees your t- shirt, there are no stains on t-shirts. This is a very simple and non expensive. This formula is especially for poor people. Which is not in that condition to use the different expensive vim or surf. And the second is that the result of salts is much better from the vim or other expensive things.

This is for you r kind information that you did not try booths colours t-shirts red black or blue and white with one tub. First you put down the white t-shirt and after white puts the others one by one.

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