How Can I Remove Mildew Stains From A Cotton Quilt?


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Mildew is a form of mold. It is very dangerous for all fabrics, especially quilts as it not only stains the quilt fabric but also eats away the fibers over time. You can remove these stains in a very simple way. Simply take the quilt outside and brush off the area infected with mildew so you won't breathe in the mildew spores. Then gently rub Ivory liquid soap or Orvus soap, or detergent on the stain and wash it off. This would remove the stain. You can also dry clean the stains if they are too old.
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After trying various solutions I have found online (such as lemon juice & salt, etc.) what I found to work very well is a combination of Clorox2 color-safe bleach and oxy clean. I added both of these to the hottest water the fabric would allow and the stains came out. I pretreated the stains first with some clorox2 by pouring it on the stain and rubbing it in gently prior to washing. Once the wash ran for about 15 minutes, I shut the washer off and I let the quilt soak in the washer for several hours. I then started the washer back up and let the cycle finish. The quilt came out beautifully.
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Hey thanks! I am going to try this. If this works I will send this expensive bedspread to my daughter who was asking that I give it to her. I do hope it will work for me.

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