How Do You Remove Mold From Leather Couches?


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To remove mold from leather couches, you not only need to remove the mold from the couch but also kill it so that it does not grow back. Whenever you plan to clean mold, make sure you are wearing an air mask because when you dislodge mold from its space, it scatters into the air.
First, move your couch outside, preferably into the sun. Then simply wipe the visible mold with a clean cloth and a toothbrush. After you have done this and removed as much mold as possible, you need to disinfect.
For that, you can either use a dilute bleach and water solution. But if bleach is not recommended for your leather, try some mild soap that is safe for use on leather. The water should be slightly warm. Now, soak a sponge in this solution and wring it. Wipe over the leather couch. You should soap the whole couch because mold may be present in places where it is not yet visible and because if you scrub only one part, it might show as an ugly stain.
Now take another bucket with clean water. Take a new sponge and wipe the couch with it to remove soap from it. Let your couch dry in the sun. Next, you would need a leather conditioner. Apply that on the couch using the instructions that come with it. Different brands are available at different shops.
Let the couch dry completely before you take it inside because any dampness would promote mold to grow.

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