How To Remove Alcohol Stains From Leather Furniture?


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Hi, I have spilt vodka/alcohol onto my dark brown new leather sofa.  It now has a splashed lighter coloured affect appearance which has spoilt my sofa.  Before I pay an awful amount of money to have it restored professionally, do you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot
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If you use a low-quality furniture then obviously we can't do anything. Before buying any leather furniture you have to check its quality. Last year we bought a leather chair from Nagpur furniture showroom and my younger cousin always dropped something like liquid, oil and my husband also dropped bear on it and I just washed it by the wet cloth.

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It is very easy to remove alcohol stains from leather furniture. You can use saddle soap which is available at a shoe repair shop or a hardware store. You can follow the directions given on the tin Or you can use thick suds made with pure white soap flakes Then Squeeze your cleaning cloth or sponge as dry as possible so that the leather does not get too wet. Then rinse off the soap solution with a clean damp cloth. Let the leather dry, and polish it with a soft dry cloth afterwards.
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Alcohol usually acts like bleach and eats off the leather color. If the stain on your sofa are of white color, then it means that alcohol has bleached your sofa and they are not the stains. Ammonia works well on alcohol stains. Put some ammonia on a damp cloth, and first try it on some unnoticed part of your furniture. If it works well on leather then well and good. Try it on the alcohol stain. Rotten stone and Linseed oil treatment is always good to remove alcohol stains. But I think those spots on your furniture are not stains. It has just lost its real color, and only a matching dye would do in that case.

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