How Do I Remove Old Stains From A Cotton Or Linen Tablecloth?


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Cotton is generally easily cleaned however should you find yourself with old stains that can’t be removed with a dab of detergent and water, here is some information.
Removing cotton from fine cotton is harder than removing it from rougher textured cloths. When cleaning cotton don’t use very warm water and always remember to dab and not rub together as it is not good for the material.
To clean cotton, make sure to scrape off any residue first then decide on the best thing to clean the material by using the guide below.
Blood can be removed if you leave the item in water until the stain turns brown. Then use stain remover and then place it in water. If it’s still there, put it in ammonia and water or apply some hydrogen peroxide to the area.
Use hairspray to remove ink from cotton. Don’t use too much as it may cause skin irritation and make sure to wash the area afterwards with detergent.
Food can be removed with some cleaning solvent. If this does not work use a little vinegar and apply it. Wash off the vinegar with detergent.
For lipstick or makeup use a cleaning solvent, if the lipstick is oil based use a oil based solvent and this should clean it off.
Tea and coffee are tricky to remove and must be dealt with quickly. Wash with bleach and water if white. Otherwise use salt to soak up the liquid immediately and then wash with detergent.
Chocolate can be removed by soaking the garment for a few hours and if does not move treat it ith hydrogen peroxide.
Chewing gum can be removed if you pop the cotton in the freezer, wait for the gum to freeze, then chip it off.
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Hi, I use a paste made from liquid dishwasher soap and vinegar. Rub it in and let it soak for a few hours. Even takes most old yellow stains away. I use the same paste on tennis shoes before I wash them
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I can give you a few tips. It might work for your clothes. However, it is highly possible that stains will be vanished.
1-First use good detergent powder.
2- Apply lemon on the clothes. The stains will be removed.
3-If still it stays then use kerosene oil.
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Try ironing it with a paper sack on top to absorb the wax, the color may be a little harder. God Bless

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