How Do You Remove Lipstick From Laundry? Tube Was Left In Pants And Washed.


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It is very common to forget something in the shirt or trouser pockets and launder them. This only results in stubborn stains, depending on what exactly was left back. The stains of rust, lipstick, grease and certain inks take a while to come off and need to be treated prior to the next wash. There are special solutions available in the market and then there is the good old detergent at home. If used in the correct manner, there are no stains that cannot be dealt with.

Lipsticks are either oil or wax based products. The colours used can get very stubborn to remove, especially when smudged or allowed to discolour the fabric, over a period of time. Nevertheless, there is nothing that cannot be treated. The following four simple solutions will help you remove the lipstick stains on your trousers:
- Dab a little denatured alcohol onto the stain, with a clean, white cloth.
- Dish washing detergent is also capable of magic, when rubbed gently and rinsed a couple of times prior to wash.
- There are stain removing sticks available in the market that simply need to be rubbed on and kept aside for a while, prior to wash.

These solutions may have to be repeated a number of times, if the stain is stubborn or if the color of the lipstick is dark. Lighter lipstick shades are known to come off easier.
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I have lipstick in small dots and blotches all over a sheet from a lipstick that was left in a pocket.  What is the best way to get it out without treating each spot?
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Buy this product called GOOP. it works wonders. It is really a handy cleaner.

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