What Is Scrap Stainless Steel Going For By The Pound?


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Scrap Stainless Steel does not have a definitive price as it depends on the quality of the metal and of course how much you are selling. The average price per pound is 15 cents but this can vary and go up to anything to 35 cents. This does depend on the quality of the stainless steel. The average price of a tonne of stainless steel is $200. This has decreased from around $300 which was the price of stainless steel by the tonne in 2007. This is due to the recession but stainless steel does not have a definitive price so will fluctuate with the economy.
The reason for the differing qualities of stainless steel is that it is any steel alloy and can include a number of different metals, some of which are more expensive than others. The only criteria to classify an alloy stainless steel is that it has to be at least 9% chromium. This differs greatly with different types of stainless steel.
The cheapest stainless steel is magnetic so this is a good test to do to see if your stainless steel is of the cheaper variety.
Stainless steel is catogorised by number, this determines the quality and also the metals that make up the alloy. These are numbered from 1xx to 6xx. So your stainless steel will be classified by a three digit number with the first digit determining the quality and the last two digits explaining the make up of the alloy. The stainless steel that begins with 1 is of the lowest quality and 6 the highest quality. The most common stainless steel begins with a 3 and the other numbers will determine the make up. On some stainless steel, this number will be engraved on the steel but this is unlikely, especially in the poorer quality alloy.
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$0.65 a pound where I am, if you live by a river though it might be more cause it's cheaper to load a barge than a truck.
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What is scrap stainless steel per pound in florida.How much can I scrap it for.

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