How Do You Fit Stair Spindles?


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There are certain regulations that you have to follow while having spindles attached to a staircase. These are namely two; firstly the gap between any two spindles should not exceed a hundred millimetres and secondly each step or tread of the steps should accommodate two spindles except for the bottom and maybe at the top where a newel post will take the place of the first and last spindle.

The base rail and hand rail are fixed into position after the newel posts are affixed into position before the spindles are fixed into place. They need to be cut at an angle to allow them to fix into place in vertically.

If trimming is required it should be done evenly on both sides to avoid the centre of the spindle going out of place. The top is fixed first and then the bottom and spacers are used to fill the gaps between subsequent spindles.
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Total up the width of all the spindles (20 @ 1 1/2" wide=30")  then subtract that amount from the total distance between posts.  Take the total gap and divide that # by the total # of spaces.  Don't forget to count the spaces at the ends.  Building code is not more than 4" space between spindles.

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