I Have Mushrooms Growing In The Mulch In My Garden.They Are Brown Caps, The Gills Are Slightly Bluish. Are They Edible?


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I would remove them immediately as kids pick them and make kool-aid and put the "shrooms" in it & drink it to hallucinate.
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Well, first thing to do is not panic as mushrooms are harmless unless consumed and even then there are edible ones. Unfortunately the ones you've described sound hallucinogenic and unless you want to go for a trip you should stay away. The best thing to do is identify it, and take pride in it. I know I would be pretty excited to have any type of mushroom growing in my yard, but that's just me.
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No don't eat them they are poisenous if you eat them you die silly
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No they are NOT I used to live in New Jersey the grew and my dog ate a few and bye-bye doggy!!! Do not eat them and get ride of them if not sooner. They are formed by dead animals and they are bacterial
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Unless you have a vast knowledge of poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms I wouldn't advise you to even touch them.
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