How Do You Polish Marble Countertops?


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Marble, even when polished, is a porous stone and certain
chemical reactions with what you spill on it in the kitchen, can ruin it.
You should not use a rough metal scourer but rather a buffer and a special marble cleaner used for stone surfaces and floors of travertine and marble.
This is like a polish you apply, similar to silver polish and then buff up to remove.
Anything acidic can react with marble, lemon juice is particularly bad, as are carbonated drinks, and other acidic
foods and liquids.
You should have a large chopping board area to work with these types of food, that you can easily pick up and rinse off.
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Marble is a substance that is used for making tile floors, bathroom vanities, countertops and several other things. It is a natural material formed from limestone. It often reacts with the other factors like air and other substances and might lose its lustre and shine. Hence steps have to be taken to help marble retain its shine and lustre with the help of cleaners, sealers and polish. It is necessary to use the right kind of polish to ensure the long life of marbles. It is not so hard to polish your own kitchen countertop.

First thoroughly clean the marble countertop with a suitable cleaning agent and wipe it dry. Use wax or sealer and fills in all the cracks and holes if any. Then get a nice granite and countertop polish from the market. There are several types of marble polish available in the market. Get one of them and start polishing it according to the instructions given in the user manual of the polish. Take proper precautions to ensure your safety and health.

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