How Can You Recycle Soot?


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I am assuming that by using the word soot you actually mean ashes from a wood fire.

Ashes can be used in the garden as a fertilizer and to "sweeten" the soil. Since this will affect the PH of the soil don't add an excessive amount . You might want to give some thought to what is currently in the garden and/or what is planned. I say this because some plants don't like a high PH level so keep that in mind when out there sprinkling the ashes around.
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the word soot actually refers to the deposits that are brushed off the flue during cleaning of chimney.
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I had never heard of recycling soot so prefaced my remarks indicating you must mean ashes. I have no idea what it could be used for and certainly would do research to see how safe it would be to even put in a compost pile. Sorry I can't be of help. If you find any possible uses let me know - I''m curious now.
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Just wondered if it could be used in boot / shoe polish manufacture?
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Again by soot I guess you mean ashes.

Be careful using ashes for fertilizer, its OK if there are pure wood ash (non treated woods) but if you have been burning plastics, or anything like that, then don't put them on your garden or you will end up with contaminated land.

In japan they mold ash (under extreme temperatures) in to paving blocks and use it that way. Most of the ash in japan is created from energy from waste plants. If the ash is from coal, again this can have harmful chemicals in it.

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