Can I Recycle Altoids Tins?


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You can recycle them with you tin my friend..tho i prefer to decorate mine and in lieu of easter egg hunts at church the kids go search for my tins....with a couple pennies inside. Or decorate and give as gifts with $20.00 inside. Or store q-tips, pills, loose change, old keys, cigs, or mail 'em to!
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John answered
Anything can be recycled . I go to a speciality metals salvage yard when i need odd items for repairs. Ex:i just built a set of stainless steel steps(nerf bars) for my truck out of scrap pipes from a company that produces salad dressing. And i just watched a show where they used the tins that you are throwing away as a homemade remote control case. You could spray paint them white/any color and pop rivet a small handle and some jeweled studs on it and use it as a jewelry box for travel or a medicine box for aspirin to take with you on trips/work.
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Pamela Krueger answered
YUP, I agree with nomad and nascar about recycling these; you can put in your recycle bin but why do that when there are so many wonderful ways to "reinvent" them! Get crafty and creative and you will never want to throw one away again!

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