Where Can We Recycle Clothes In Swindon?


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Today, over 90 per cent of the Swindon population lives within a mile or less of a collection site (commonly called 'bring site'). However, not all sites accept all materials. There are many collection sites at Sainsburys including Bridgemead and Stratton. There are quite a few textile collection sites at Car Park. Covingham Square Shops, Freshbrook Centre Shops, Haydon Centre, Liden Centre Shops, Toothill Shops and West Swindon Centre Car. Besides this there are sites at Newburgh Place Somerfield and Stratton.

All textiles except for quilts or pillows are accepted. However, everyone is requested to send in only clean items of clothing. Scraps of cloth are not accepted. Clothes, sheets and blankets are all acceptable.

Most places in Swindon now have Curbside collection. You can put all your material for recycling in an allotted box and place it on your property in a visible and accessible location. As of now only areas near the public highway have this facility but officials are working hard towards building their network.
If for any reason you cannot find a site, you can call your local help line and they will provide you with all the necessary information.

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