How Can I Make Natural Clothes Dye?


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It is possible to make natural clothes dye from the many plants to be found in the countryside. Before the advent of commercially produced dyes from the chemical industry, people used local plants to dye wool and cotton fabrics.

Reds and pinks can be obtained from dandelion root, field madder, and even various berries, such as raspberries!

Onion skins, walnut husks, and even lichens can be used to produce shades of brown.

Goldenrod, nettle and St John's Wort will produce yellow shades, and foxglove and sorrel will make a green colour. Wild pansy and cornflour will produce blue.

There are numerous other plants and roots that will produce beautiful natural shades.

You have to boil up the plants, and then soak the wool, cotton, or other material in the warm water, sometimes even boiling the fabric along with the "ingredients".

To set the dye permanently, you may need to use a substance known as a mordant. Natural mordants include tannic acid, alum and certain salts.

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