How Do You Point Brickwork?


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Brickwork masonry is what is produced when bricklayers make use of bricks and mortar to construct structures like walls, chimneys and bridges. Brickwork is also employed when finishing openings like doors in buildings that are constructed using other materials. Pointing refers to jointing of brickwork. Cement between the bricks is what is referred to as "pointing."

These days there are two types of "pointing" which are mostly used. They are "hosepipe" or "bucket-handle" joints, or the harsh weather-struck joint. You can set your joints to a gap of about 10mm and then, quickly point the brickwork lest the mortar set in. One method could be, pointing using an iron. You could use a round iron or bucket handle joint. Flush joint looks good for rustic bricks. If you wish to give it a smooth surface, weather-struck joint can be used.

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