How Do You Remove Nail Polish Strains From Clothes?


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Yes you can remove the stains of nail polish from your shirt. In order to remove the stains you should have some stain remover or liquid that can work on that stain. So if you have already some stain remover you can try it otherwise you have to purchase it from the market in order to get rid of the stains from your shirt. So first of all take a towel or white cloth.

This cloth should be of cotton, you just make some solution of the stain remover so by mixing all the chemicals of the stain remover together so that it become a solution which can be used to remove the stain. Just take a towel or piece of cotton and dip it in the water. When the cloth is sufficient wet then you can rub it on the spot of your shirt in a gently upward manner.

Do not press it hard, just rub it slowly on the stain you will see that after a short period of time your stain is getting dull and the color is transfer to the towel. So in this way you can remove all the stains from your cloth. After that just wash your shirt in some detergent and your shirt is clean.
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Try Go Gone or OOPS! available at wall-mart and other drug stores.Has any of that material changed the Tan color? Maybe you can just ignore the silver nail polish, or if it's on the lower leg, cut them and hem them shorter(oh sorry, I see you need it off fast) try a nail file or butter knife, maybe you can scrape it off.

Good Luck! Is it in a place you could tie something around it to hide it! Like a scarf or belt or something??? How come when I TRY to mark socks, or a sweater with nail polish, or a sharpie, it always washes out!
I've gone through that and I've done a lot of research about it. Apparently, the ONLY thing that seems to labor is manufactured goods called Motsenbocker's Lift Off #3. It can be found at The Home Depot in the paint section. Good Luck!

Try "goofing off" or "oops", other than don't use very much and wash it off immediately when the shine dissolves. Soak them, pour nail shine remover on them, SCRUB the heal absent of them, and then put some conditioner on it fades the color. I am a professional.
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First put nail polish remover on and dabbed it out
then added shout
dabbed it out and washed

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