How Do You Polish Marble Floors?


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Marble is a substance that is used for making tile floors, bathroom vanities, countertops and several other things. It often reacts with the other factors like air and other substances and might lose its lustre and shine. Marble may look very tough but actually it is a soft stone and can easily get scratched and marred. Hence steps have to be taken to help marble retain its shine and lustre with the help of cleaners, sealers and polish.

First wipe the floor with a damp cloth and clean it thoroughly. Remove stains with a suitable detergent. Then take steps to fill in the cracks and other abrasions caused due to time and use. Then get a suitable polish from the market and polish it as per the instructions found in the manual of the polish. It is advisable to use a polish which contains tin oxide. Then let it dry for a period of two days. Your newly polished marble floor is ready. Now take proper steps to safeguard it by using rugs and carpets on the floor.

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