What Are Steps To Polish Travertine Tile?


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Travertine has a lot of crevices that dirt can get into. Hopefully these were filled in when you bought the stone which will make it much easier to clean but you didn't mention if they were filled so I'll assume they were not.

Professional tile cleaners use a tool that essentially power washes. This makes it easy to get into those crevices. A do it yourself solution may be to use a neutral ph cleaner, let it dwell for some time and use a wet vac to pick up. Make sure to rinse thoroughly in order to not leave any residue.

For polishing travertine Google Magic Al's polishing cream. It does a good job at getting a shine but for best results you'll need a hand or floor tool. Also, take note that if the crevices have been filled, these will probably not take to any kind of polishing.

A good impregnating sealer is recommended for your stone as well.

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