How To Build Closet Stair?


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A cup board, a cabinet, or any enclosed space used for keeping clothes or general storage are called closets. Pantry is a type of closet used for storing food. We can also build a closet under stairs. In this way we can utilize the unused space. In some places, a closet refers to a large room used for reading books.

First of all you should follow the codes of building of your area. You should also make sure that you have obtained required building permit. Now, the first thing you should do in order to build a closet stair is make cross sketch of your stair case. You may require tools like hammer, measuring tape, cardboard, stingers, etc. You need to make a sketch of your existing staircase and analyse how you want your closet to be. To build a closet you might have to flatten your existing staircase, which is a difficult task. While you are taking measurements, you should be accurate, and try to double check the figure, these are all basic points that you should keep in mind. However if you want to know how to build a stair closet in detail, you can go on to a search engine like Google.

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