Why Is Ikea So Popular?


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Ikea, established in 1943, is popular in many circles, because it is a store with a wide selection of relatively inexpensive, yet stylish and modern furniture. Ikea was also one of the first businesses to introduce the concept of 'ready to assemble' furniture and appliances. Of course, not everyone is terribly keen on spending long hours deciphering seemingly obscure instructions and putting together store-bought furniture, but a really positive aspect of Ikea's approach is that it is far easier to transport tables, bookcases, chairs and other items home, as they are packaged in flat, easy to handle boxes. This was a real novelty in the 1950s, when Ikea first started selling furniture. (Originally, the Swedish company only sold smaller products, such as watches, table runners, photo frames, etc.)

Another reason why Ikea is so popular, is that furniture sold in these stores tend to be designed with maximum flexibility in mind. As a result, these products are utilitarian, consumer friendly and it becomes possible to create a modern, avant garde home on a relatively tight budget.

For those who like a good meal, most Ikea stores also have Swedish cafeteria-style restaurants, offering an array of Swedish and continental dishes.

In many East European countries, Ikea was the first major western chain to open large, department stores near urban centres during the early 1990s. As such, one can imagine the excitement of local residents who had never before seen stores of such size and such a wide selection of products.
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IKEA started as a small furniture store in Sweden which allows its consumers to assemble furniture at their own wishes and cultivated itself into a corporate giant of modern world. IKEA was established in Sweden by one Mr. Ingvar Kampard.
The reasons IKEA is famous are:
• It provides low cost furniture.
• It allows customers to design and assemble furniture themselves.
• Large variety of furniture.
• It is well known for its ultra modern designs.
• Well diversified presence all over the world.
• Its products are single word names.
• They operate free shuttle buses to give more easy access to their consumers.
• It provides quality goods at reasonable price.
• IKEA has aesthetically designed stores with pleasant colours which sometimes create a sense of addiction for the person who visit them.
• They provide large car parking spaces to accommodate their customers to park their cars and shop with peace of mind.

So altogether the major reason for the popularity of IKEA is strong marketing brains behind its success by creating good quality furniture backed by some aesthetically created environment which creates a sense of aura for IKEA which attracts so many customers to it.
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I'm going to give you the non-textbook answer and that's because they have cheap, relatively decently designed and easily accessible furniture options! You're not going to have to worry about busting a gut to get some new storage cupboards or dining room chairs home if you're going shopping at IKEA!

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