How Do You Move Furniture Without Scratching The Floor?


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Slide-All ® Sliders is a product which has been trademarked. Slide-All (TM) Sliders are used to help move large items of furnishings and equipment easily, protect the carpet and the tiles and keep the joints of the furniture from loosen. These sliders are specially formulated reusable sliding disks. They have a non-skid foam backing.

When these sliders are positioned under heavy furniture and equipment, such as sofa sets, file cabinets, bookcases, fitness equipment and factory equipment, the Slide-All (trademarked) Sliders help move these items, which are large in size and cumbersome, easily and helps prevent them from falling over or toppling over when they are being moved from one place to another.

Slide-All (trademarked) Sliders make it possible for one person to move these large-sized pieces of furniture, which would normally require the services of two or three people. It also makes it possible to rearrange the layout of the equipment in a fitness centre or a gymnasium, an office or a factory easily or quickly.
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Moving heavy furniture may cause scratches on the floor. You cannot move the furniture all by yourself. You can call your friends or neighbours to help you with the moving. There are various products available in the market which makes the furniture moving procedure quite easy without scratching the floors. It also helps in reducing too much pressure required for moving furniture. Some of the products include felt pads and sliders. Felt pads are usually placed below the legs of the furniture to help from scratching the floors and sliders are used to easily move the furniture without lifting it. It is also advisable to call the movers if transferring furniture from one to another.
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All you need is just a little patience where by you will have to patiently lift the furniture off the ground. Move it from its former position and then move it to wherever you want it to be nicely.

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