How Do You Determine The Type Of Wood The Furniture Is Made Of?


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It is quite hard tricky to determine the type of wood a furniture is made of. But here are some of the basic ways to know and help you in identifying wood.

1. It is necessary to be certain that furniture is actually a solid wood or if it is a man-made composite that is created to imitate wood.
2. You have to look for the growth rings. This is what determines the age of a tree as it is formed by the tree's yearly growth. If you see an end-grain it is a proof that your furniture is indeed made of genuine wood.
3. Another feature to look out for is the venneer or a repeating grain pattern.
4. Next one is the grain color. However, some wood when exposed mostly by outside elements can turn into a darker shade or even lose color due to age.
5. Texture also gives away the type of wood. If it is perfectly smooth and has no grain indentation, it might probably one f the softwoods. But if it has an open pore structure it is most likely to be hardwoods such as oak, maple or mahogany. It is has a curly grain it can be birch or cherry.
6. You also must consider the hardness, thickness and weight of the wood. Since these features can help you in comparing the density of wood and examine the overall characteristic of it.

Hope this helps.

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To identify the type of wood that the furniture is made of is a very tricky area to deal in as it requires a great amount of expertise to do so. If you are not an expert the seller can certainly fool you and can give you something else instead of what you wanted. Though the expertise is certainly required, there are some tips that can be followed if you want to know about the kind of wood you are buying.

If you want to know about Oak, you can identify it by its rich golden-brown colour or sometimes of red-brown colour. Oak can also be identified by its being coarse grained. Another wood that is very popular is pine wood and it can be identified by softness and its being honey coloured.

Though you can employ the abovementioned methods to identify wood, if you have somebody who has the expertise to identify wood, you should use his expertise because the identification process is very subtle.

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