What Is The Best Way To Dust Furniture?


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For dusting furniture, you can either use pre-treated dust cloths or add polish or wax to a clean cloth. Never use a dry cloth without polish or wax; it will only scratch your furniture and spread dust around.

Make sure to use a clean cloth for dusting your furniture and wash your dust cloths when they begin to get dirty. Make sure that the washing machine load contains only cleaning cloths in order to keep cleaning chemicals from coming into contact with your clothes. Pre-treated dust cloths will retain the treatment through several washes. Do not put dust cloths that have been coated with wax or polish in your dryer - this includes pre-treated cloths and those that you have used with cleaning agents.

If you would like to create your own dust cloths, use a lintless fabric like cheesecloth,an old cotton T-shirt, or flannel.

Dusting helps to care for your furniture, keeps your home clean and eliminates allergens. Homeowners agree it may not be a favourite chore, but it's essential!
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Step 1: Gather all the tools your need to dust your house.

Step 2: Dust systematically. Don't just go and dust random things; instead follow a specific path through your house to make sure that you dust everything. Make sure that your mind doesn't wander of when you dust. Don't get distracted while dusting, since you might miss a spot.

Step 3: Move clockwise or counterclockwise trough the room. Dust the furniture near the wall and proceed clockwise or counterclockwise. Just take your damp cloth and start wiping away the dust. Move objects as you go and clean the surface underneath thoroughly. As you replace the items, clean those items as well.

Step 4: Shake or rinse your cloth regularly. When you notice your cloth has become dirty and full of dust, rinse or shake it out outside of the house.

Step 5: Dust the hard to reach places. While you are dusting don't forget to dust the hard to reach places, like behind the furniture and crevices in the furniture. Use a small paintbrush to get in the nooks. To reach behind heavy furniture you can use a synthetic duster with a long stick or you can even use a vacuum cleaner. To take away the dust and cobwebs along the wall you can use a damp mop, a brush, or a Swiffer. Don't forget to dust the chandeliers also. Give it a surface dusting once a week. Once a year you can take the chandelier down and clean it thoroughly.

Step 6: Vacuum fabric furniture. Use the crevice and upholstery attachments on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum things like sofas.

Step 7: Clean the floors as a final step. Follow up dusting by cleaning the floor. Otherwise, all the dust lays there from the furniture and ornaments you dusted. Vacuum the floor and any carpets or rugs, and don't miss the corners or under the furniture.Mop hard floors.
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Lick it off. No joke, the saliva left behind becomes invisible soon after, and the saliva residue actually prevents dust from reforming on your furniture. Before licking, make sure you haven't eaten in at least 2 hours and are properly hydrated. If you have trouble getting your mouth wet, either drink some water or look at your favorite food, and your mouth will salivate.
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If it involves dusting your Knightsbridge bedroom furniture or any solid pine furniture, the best way to have it done is using the perfect dust cloths. You can have it pre-treated like adding a polish or wax. Please keep in mind that using a dry cloth without polish or even washed the cloth before using, can possible to have it removed.

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