How Do I Paint Laminated Furniture?


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Painting laminated furniture is similar to painting some new piece of furniture. If you do not want to ruin your piece of furniture, do not strip off the laminate. Laminates are generally applied to a non-finished surface. The best way to paint such furniture would be 'spray painting'.

First, clean the furniture. Give it a wash with TSP. The tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) will remove any traces of grease. TSP will de-gloss it. The furniture should be dry and should have a smooth surface. Now, sand the surface of the furniture with a sandpaper of medium grade. Sanding will remove the extra smoothness of the laminate. Then, wipe off the dust created from sanding and apply a primer (B-I-N). Now, you can apply or spray thin coat of paint twice.
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I have an old vanity that has been laminated with a light wood grain. My problem is how to do anything with it when part of the laminate around drawers and top are peeled off or just about to peel? I would like to paint but I don't know where to start.
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Where the laminate is peeled awy how do i smooth it? Should I fill it in somehow and then sand? What filler is best?

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