How Do I Get Rid Of Old Furniture?


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trading post answered
Give it to others especially in an orphanage.
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sarah kazmi answered
The best way to get rid of old furniture is to sell it to people who take old furniture . You can find out the nearest available market for old furniture
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Call your local fire dept. And local churches. Often they have families in need and will come and pick it up. After a fire, anything helps.
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John Gibbons answered
You can ask anyone who needs second hand furniture like any needy family or you can sell it out to old furniture buyer shop.or you can also replace it with the new ones.Check it out any kind of such offer.
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donna wills answered
In the area whereIlive we have something called it gives to families that want or need and keeps things out of our landfills.Folks just recycle to each other for things they just don't want anymore.
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jabba hutt answered
There are several ways:

1) Sell it to a second hand furniture shop. (Or online via Ebay)
2) Bring it to your local dump, and dispose of it
3) Take it to a charity shop which sells furniture

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