How To Calculate Lighting Requirements In A Kitchen?


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(area of the kitchen)m2 * 3.5 watt/m2 = (required lighting) watts
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Pls. Advise me for 6000 sq. Ft. Kitchen what is the light requirement, thanks, Saunder
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The amount of lighting that is required in a kitchen is generally governed as part of the standard building codes in a particular place. For example in California the California Energy Commission or the CEC determines and regulates the amount of lighting required and to be used in kitchens. This in part ensures energy conservation. The CEC provides the Residential Kitchen Lighting Worksheet known as the WS-5R which allows one to calculate kitchen wattage. It is available as a part of the Appendix A within the Residential Compliance manual.

The pdf form is available site. Design recommendations followed by developers may be those provided by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America or the IESNA which provides that the minimum lighting that should be provided in kitchens should be equal to thirty foot candles.

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