How To Calculate Lighting?


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There is more than one way to calculate lighting and information can be found on the Internet which describes the different methods of calculation. Some of these are quite complex.

Usually calculations are done to find out how much light is required in any given situation or building and how efficient it is or would be. Lighting calculations are carried out to comply with building standards, best practice guidelines and environmental requirements.

The measure of how well a light source produces light is termed its luminous efficacy, and is usually measured in lumens per watt. An efficacy calculation can provide information indicating how much light is achieved in relation to power consumed.

There are many different types of lighting producing ambient light or focused light. Daylight is the most energy efficient form of lighting, but its use is difficult to quantify as its quality is naturally variable. Lighting can also be achieved by reflection. Outdoors there are a range of lighting options - street lighting, floodlighting and security lights. For advertising, backlighting is popular. Lighting in buildings can take many forms and may be wall or ceiling mounted, recessed or via a plug and socket.

Increasingly, LEDs (light emitting diodes) are chosen in the design of new buildings as they are considered to be more energy efficient than traditional lighting. They do not require filaments unlike ordinary light bulbs. Low energy light bulbs such as compact fluorescent lights are often recommended but are not always popular due to health concerns about the mercury content and the initial dim light when switched on.
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There are different ways to calculate it but now calculators are also available to calculate the lighting. Your question is not very clear that either you're asking about power or about the area. So I'm providing you 2 links from where you can calculate lighting in both ways.
Click here for one type of calculation.
And click here for the other way.
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The amount of lighting which is required is governed as part of the standard building codes in a particular place. For example in California the California Energy Commission determines the amount of lighting required and to be used. This in part ensures energy conservation. The CEC provides the Residential Lighting Worksheet known as the WS-5R which allows one to calculate wattage. Here is a link to calculate it for yourself:

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