How Do You Wire Light Fixture?


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First of all, as Boris said above, turn off the breaker that controls the ceiling lights. The wall switch will control any light you attach to the ceiling wires. Get a sturdy ladder and have all your supplies at hand. You will need 2 plastic wire caps (nuts), crossbar for the size of the threaded bolt coming out of the chandelier, 2 long screws to attach the crossbar, a canopy to cover the electrical hookup. The chandelier probably has a screw-nut loop and collar ring.

So coming out of the ceiling you will have a white wire and a black wire. Or a red wire and a black wire. There will also be a thin copper wire (ground wire).

Attach the top link of the chain to the screw-nut loop and collar ring. (use chain pliers). Usually I have a bunched up towel to sit the chandelier on while I do this. Screw the crossbar onto the ceiling box and screw the nipple into the crossbar. Thread the lamp cord through the loop, through the canopy and through the nipple. Split the end of the lamp cord and strip the wire ends (about 1/2 inch).

The white wire is the neutral wire. Sometimes the wire isn't white but will be ridged or marked with writing. The black wire, or unmarked, unridged, is the hot wire. There will also be a thin copper wire which is the ground. The ground is attached to the tiny hole in the crossbar.

Hold the black wire coming from the ceiling and the black, (or unmarked, or unridged) wire from the chandelier together and screw on the plastic wirenut cap. Then do the same for the white wires (or white wire, marked wire, ridged wire whatever the case is). Push these two wires back up against the ceiling box.

Place the canopy over the outlet, screw loop onto the nipple, then screw collar over the loop to hold the canopy in place. Make sure that you add the light bulbs, turn the circuit breaker back on and you're done.
I could spend 1000 words trying to explain it but I think you would be better off looking here.  They have a good but simple explanation and lots of pictures.  Be sure to turn off the breaker - my hair used to be straight before my last wiring project.

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