How to connect a light from ceiling. Wires green, brown and blue?


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If it's a new light read the instructions.
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OK not the usual colors and these are coming from ceiling I hope so the light fixture wires should be green or bare copper or none, a white and a black (I hope)  so greens or bare copper to green as ground wire, cap off,  brown should go to white as neutral and cap off, and blue to black as hot and cap off. If you try and the breaker trips, then reverse the brown and blue to black and white respectively but I'm positive youll be alrightv the first time or let me know
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Thanks, but you have the colours in the opposite way. Brown yellow and blue occurs at the light fittng, 3 wires no colour into celing currently, 2 wires in same point and other wire in its own, how shud i connect
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Ok try blue to the 2 wires and brown to the one wire or if yellpw is welded to fixture itself then connect brown and yellow together to single wire. As an electrician here in the US, Im not familiar with that color scheme. Try it and if breaker trips let me know

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