How to connect 2 ceiling lights to 1 switch?


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I'm going to take this as a new wire meaning bare walls with no wire at all.First you need a 12/2 with ground from electrical panel to your switch box. At panel box you need a 20 amp breaker so white neutral and bare copper wire go to neutral/ground bar at side, and black power lead goes to breaker it self, leave off for now. Back to switch box, youll need a 12/2 w ground from switch box to closest light box, then a 12/2 between light boxes. Back to switch box. Connect ground wires together cap off and same with white neutrals, cap off and push both back into box so now you should only have two black wires letf to go to switch with power on bottom only for future use and install switch and cover . At light box, basically everything simply color codes, blacks to black including light wires too, whites to whites and cap all off and push back into box and youre all set to turn on breaker and witch
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Hi I also had a problem connecting downlights. I have not connected the switch and the copper wire that goes to the downlights in the junction box. If you have an LED chandelier, lamp or downlights, then I advise you to put another toggle switch in the switchboard so that it does not create a large load.

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