How Do You Sell Antique Furniture Online?


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Along with the websites here already posted, I will recommend to post offer on Qalixa global e-marketplace also ! My recommendation is that you post offers on as many sites as possible, to gain 1) more potential buyers for your item 2) to reach & promote yourself as much as possible !
Since its never known, which site may bring a potential buyer to you :)

Also, do remember to post more then one image with proper description, and your estimated price along with condition that you are willing to negotiate or not within your description. The more honest & accurate description, the higher chances of selling it !

Hope it helps to sell online !
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Well there are many online web-sites which put up antique furniture for sale like,,,, etc all you have to do is register on these web-sites and put up your articles for sale.

The web-site will take a small amount of commission once your product is sold, in this way you can market and sell your products online. The early humans were nomads, travelling from one location to another, and usually lived on what nature would provide. Furniture to them was nothing more than a log to sit on.

Initial furniture was as expected very primitive and only served the basic purpose. Over the period of years as development took place furniture also gained importance and more decorative designs were made. Early furniture was unearthed from the 8th-century B.C. Phrygian tumulus, the Midlands Mound, in Gordion, Turkey.
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E-Bay is good.  WE buy and sell
antiques on it quite often.
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I would check out Antique Furniture Online,  a great site to find antique furniture online.

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