How Can I Find Furniture In Rhodes, Greece?


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Rhodes is one of the islands which make up Greece. It is known as Rodos Island in the local language (Greek). The Old Town area of Rhodes is a shopper's paradise. If you are looking for authentic antiques such as antique furniture, carpets, porcelain and paintings, you must visit a store called Kalogirou Art which is located at Odos Panetiou 30.

The building in which the shop is located is an old but still wonderful building. The floor of the building has a pebble-mosaic design. It is located near the Knight's Palace and has a garden that has a number of exotic banana trees.

Apart for these products, Rhodes is best known the world over for its exquisite jewellery which is made of gold and silver. The ornaments sold in Rhodes are classic and contemporary.
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i searched for this shop a year ago and it has closed down. can you advise if the shop has moved to another part of the Town?
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