Where Can I Find Root Furniture (bench Seat)?


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Tropical rain forests produce high quality and solid wood for furniture.   You can check  . I came across quite a number of root furniture there.  But no price listed unfortunately.
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Root furniture is usually made from the base of felled teak trees and is both comfortable and pretty for indoors as well as outdoors. There are a number of websites on the internet where you can find root furniture. Here is one such link through which you can buy handcrafted root furniture online:
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If you are in Canada we have a showroom with amazing  ROSEWOOD  root art furniture .  I know most places have teak wood but ours ONLY carry the rosewood primary material.   
We do have benches, bars, stools, display units, phone stands, coffee tables,  console table,  massage bed,  and a Queen size amazing bed made out of 500 yr old rosewood stumps.

Check it out at   WWW.MINDORO.CA     ,   offer free delivery to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal with purchase of minimum  $ 2000.
Right now we have a sale 15 % to 35 % off until Feb 6.
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Also check out ,  they have an amazing quality of narra ( rosewood )   root art furniture,   from benches to king bed and display units.

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