Where I Can I Buy Ikea Products Online?


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Robin Burden answered
The most obvious place to shop for IKEA products online is the official IKEA website.

The Swedish retailer now operates on 4 different continents now, and in dozens of countries.

Where can I shop for IKEA products?
The IKEA website is a really handy and straightforward to use in my opinion.

You simply enter the URL and you rare presented with a list of countries.

If your country is on said list, you simply click on it, and you'll be redirected to your country's IKEA online store.

You can further filter the site by choosing your local outlet from the drop-menu on the left hand side.

For example, the US version of the IKEA site has a list of stores ranging from Tempe, Arizona to Seattle, Washington.

There are a number of other ways to browse the site: You can either scroll through items department-by-department, or you could go straight to the 'offers' section and look for the latest deals.

Buying IKEA furniture online
If you're not so keen on using the official IKEA website, you may want to visit auction sites like eBay.

Auction sites are constantly selling second-hand or returned IKEA products, although I'd recommend shopping with a little caution if you're not 100% sure about the quality of the product you're bidding for!
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Best place is to get it from the Ikea website, but many people offer Ikea products on eBay, as well as other online trading websites.

To make sure that you get the original products with the warranty, I would suggest that you should check out the Ikea website first.

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