How Do You Build Wood Slide For Swing Set?


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To create a wooden slide for a swing set, you should probably consider supplies that help you to make a galvanized steel sliding surface that is anchored in place with wood beams and bolts. After all, wood can splinter and hurt children, so it's not usually the safest, most slippery choice for a playtime sliding surface. If you buy a sheet of metal and then attach wood beams on either side (to hold it in place), you can then file the wood beams on the sides, so that they are smooth and safe.

  • More tips on safety construction

Bear in mind that all of this will take some time, but safety should always be your number one priority where kids (and lawsuits) are concerned. Galvanized steel is safe, although it can get really hot on scorching summer days. You can always cool the slide down with a splash of cold water to make it more comfortable for kids who don't mind getting wet while they play. 

  • Check hardware stores

Most hardware stores will have plenty of great options for parts - the biggest trick is to make sure that the steel is firmly attached to the wooden sides. Some people buy plastic, rather than steel, for the basic sliding surface, but this can be a lot more it may be out of your budget range for this do-it-yourself project.

To get more ideas for how to construct a safe and fun wooden slide for kids, check YouTube and online blogs, because these may show all of the steps and supplies necessary to the building of a functional play set for outdoor use. Slides that are used indoors will usually be much smaller, and they will be made of plastic materials instead of wood or steel. Bookstores may also carry do-it-yourself manuals and picture books that feature practical tips and plans for building a children's wooden slide that is used out of doors.

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