How Do You Build A Wood Swing Set?


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What are the design requirements for a three swing set with a tire swing?
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If you want to build your own wooden swing set, you can buy an assembly kit, which is also known as a do it yourself (which is abbreviated as DIY) kit, and assemble it yourself. There are several DIY swing set kits available in the market, which contain all the parts you will need to make your swing set, except the wood (or lumber).

One of the plans is a set whose fort size is about five feet by five feet. The deck of the swing set is also about five feet high. It has a split level turbo fort which measures about three feet by five feet. It has one belt swing, one buoy ball swing, one glider, a picnic table kit, multi-coloured tarps, multi-coloured flags and a ten-feet-long slide. The turbo slide is sold separately. Apart from this swing set kit plan, there are several others as well, but the lumber is excluded from all of them.
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Pretty much all you need is a 4x6 to use as a top beam. Build two a frames out of 4x6's and bury the legs while everything is plumb. Then lag bolt the beam down on top of it.. Hang your chains and your good to go... Make shure all your lumber is treated..

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